Scooter Danger

Those colorful swarms of motorized scooters at every corner, just waiting to be activated by your cell phone, might seem convenient, but be sure you are safely prepared before jumping on.

Sylized illustration of a rider on a scooter viewed from above.

Wear a helmet and slow down!

As scooter share companies have multiplied, so too have scooter-related injuries and deaths, according to records collected by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System and compiled by a research team that included Emory orthopedic surgeon Eric Wagner. Head traumas were the No. 1 reason scooter victims required hospitalization, and fractures and dislocations were the most common injuries. “These results highlight the importance of using protective equipment while riding motorized scooters and lay a foundation for future policies requiring helmet use,” found the study.

Injuries mounted between 2016 and 2017 when the popularity of motorized scooters took off, and the team found a 77 percent jump in millennials ending up in ERs with scootervinjuries. Scooter injuries overall were most common on weekends, but severe injuries, such as collisions with cars, happened most on weekdays. “It’s a new technology, we don’t realize how dangerous it can be,” Wagner says. “Wear a helmet and slow down, being mindful of pedestrians, cars, and stop signs.” 

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