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Cover Story

Coping With Chronic Pain

The Emory Pain Center, directed by Anne McKenzie-Brown, treats patients for everything from back pain to neuropathy with therapies including ablation, spinal cord stimulation, nerve blocks, natural remedies, and even ping pong and yoga. Story

Living in the In-Between

Jaye Watson shares the frightening experience of her 10-year-old’s mysterious bone infection.

Traveling? Get Vaccinated

While vacationing in another country, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind. Be careful out there.

Medical Ethicist

Policy Wise

Patient POV

  • Patient POV Story ALS patient Steve Dezember talks about his diagnosis, hope and Hope (his wife), wheelchair art, and what really matters.


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Go Where the Pros Go

If an Atlanta Hawks player gets injured at practice, he can walk right across the hall to the Emory Sports Medicine Complex, adjacent to the team's front office and practice facility. And it's not just for elite athletes--staffed by Emory sports medicine specialists, the medical and rehabilitation complex is open to the public. Take a look inside. Story

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Extraordinary Care

Families have a place to turn for help with sex chromosome disorders. Story

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Combating AIDS in Atlanta

Why the 'public health capital of the world' has such high rates of HIV/AIDS, and how researchers are trying to turn the tide. Story

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Sara's Journey

A determined medical student helps a Haitian baby with a rare birth defect come to Atlanta for surgery. Story

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