Long Road Home

Through the story of three veterans we tell how Emory health care providers, researchers, and educators are helping create a healthier long-term future for veterans. Across the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, faculty are pioneering holistic and increasingly personalized treatments.

Bring in the Laser

By the time Ja'Lisa Thomas was diagnosed with epilepsy, her seizures were occurring several times a month, sometimes back to back, and even while she slept. One medication after another was tried, but nothing worked.

Forget About the Trap

What can mice tell us about ourselves? Emory researchers have created mouse models of depression, dystonia, PTSD, even adolescence, to further understand the inner workings of the human mind.


Epidemiologist Maria Sundaram, of the Rollins School of Public Health, answers questions about a newly added symptom for COVID-19: loss of the sense of smell.

Going Public About Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Emory Vaccine Center's Molly Dunham-Friel relates her harrowing battle with ulcerative colitis, a form of inflammatory bowel disease. Not long after moving to Atlanta, she says, "I started experiencing severe gastrointestinal symptoms. My symptoms progressed and increasingly interrupted my daily life. Something was terribly wrong."

Letter from Jon Lewin

Emory is committed to upholding equity, diversity, and inclusion, and we must stand together in solidarity with the black community against racism and injustice.